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A Regularly Scheduled Website Audit Should be Mandatory

Website Audit: Performing a complete Search Engine Optimization, Code and Content Audit of your website on a regular basis should be considered mandatory. At least once every six months is recommended. It is crucial to maintaining your organic search engine rank and keeping your online presence and brand in front of your audience.

10 Reasons Why You May Need a Website Audit

There are a many reasons why you should do a complete Search Engine Optimization, content and code audit of your website. Here are a few:

  1. LOW TRAFFIC: Your website is getting less traffic than you think it should.
  2. LOW CONVERSION RATES: The traffic you are getting isn’t converting enough site visitors into leads or customers.
  3. PAGES LOAD TOO SLOW: This is frustrating for your site visitors and adversely affects keywords in the SERPs, (Search Engine Result Pages.)
  4. LARGE FILE SIZE IMAGES: Images need to be optimized so they load fast and completely.Website Audit finds Broken Links
  5. LOW SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS: Your primary keywords are NOT showing your site’s page listings on the 1st page of their search results.
  6. NOT MOBILE FRIENDLY: You’re missing out on mobile device traffic because your site is not mobile friendly or AMP Compliant.
  7. STAYING CURRENT WITH SEO: Search Engine algorithms are being continuously updated to provide their users with the most relevant search results.
  8. NOT GOOGLE COMPLIANT: Google regularly upgrades their Google Webmaster Guidelines. Ensure your site is compliant.
  9. OLD/OUTDATED CONTENT: You might have content in your website that is out-of-date. Remove or update outdated content to bring it current.
  10. CODING ERRORS: Your website may have coding errors or malfunctions during. A website audit can identify those issues so they can be resolved.
  11. BAD OR TOXIC BACKLINKS: Find who’s linking to you personally and get the good, poor, and links that are hazardous to your own internet website.

Any of the reasons above (There are several more), would be cause enough to have a specialist do a complete technical audit your website.

Hire a Website Auditor Professional

We will be happy to help you with a FREE Technical Website Audit. Then you can pay us to take care of your website’s issues or hand our audit off to another web developer.

Look for someone with proven Search Engine Optimization techniques when you employ a Site Audit Specialist.

After resolving the issues pinpointed by your website audit, you should set up ongoing maintenance checks to be analyzed by an SEO who will provide regular progress reports on your web site’s operation.

Search engines cannot “see” what is visible on your site. They look a myriad of things including a specific internal linking structure to understand what your website is about to display it somewhere in their search engine results. This way, people who search for a relevant keyword phrase, have a better chance to be listed in the search engine’s search result listings.

Whether you are just too busy running your company to keep present with Search Engine Optimization standards or are an SEO beginner, get a top-level evaluation of your website that emphasizes essential components needing development. It is possible for you to relax and knowing your complete web presence is being managed properly while your site improves on-page and off-page components of SEO.

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