Web Presence Audit: Components That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Web Presence Audit In Murrieta Business

Web Presence AuditA Web Presence Audit is an in-depth appraisal of your businesses complete presence online; helping you find where your best conversions come from (and where they don’t!).

Ideally, if we discuss your current goals, budget, and timeframe, the Web presence audit can show you if you’re on track to meeting those goals, or need to change your plans.

The web presence audit will contain details on websites on the internet linking to your site along with a breakdown and suggestions about visitor analysis and possible improvements.

A complete Web presence audit can accurately assess your current SEO status, and how to best improve it. Similar to benchmarking, a web presence audit will collect all the bits and pieces of your web presence into a single report.

Since there is no single regimen that serves as the access point to between you and your clients, comprehensive web presence audit is realized.

A web presence audit is performed by an enterprise to determine that all points of presence on the web meet the objectives as well as governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) need.

Having a Better Understanding of Optimization Can Help you Better Understand what a Site Audit is Looking For

3  Unignorable Components Of A Sustainable Web Presence

Columnist Stoney deGeyter notes that the best SEOs don’t try to reverse-engineer algorithms — instead, they focus on delighting users.

Web Presence Audit

Any good recipe relies not just on the ingredients themselves, but on proper proportions and measurements. The reason it’s so difficult to reverse-engineer ranking algorithms is that not only do the “ingredients” change, the proportions are constantly being tweaked as well. This is why even if we could confirm, beyond all doubt, every search engine ranking factor used by Google or Bing, we likely still wouldn’t be able to translate this into guaranteed rankings for our own websites.

The smart SEOs are not the ones who try to reverse-engineer the algorithms for a short-term gain today. Rather, they are the ones who look at what the algorithms are designed to reward for a longer-term gain tomorrow. Anyone who has read anything about Google knows that they aren’t looking to reward sites that do the best job of meeting the algorithm’s requirements. Instead, they want to reward the sites that have striven to meet searchers’ needs and desires.

We often look at top search engine rankings as the reward for good search engine optimization. But search engines look at top rankings as the reward for good web presence optimization. It’s not that we did x, y and z and therefore deserve to be number one — rather, it’s that we are x, y and z and therefore have earned the right to be considered for that number one spot.

I could talk all day about the 200+ ranking signals that many believe are (or should be) factors in the algorithms, or the 600+ web marketing actions that I believe make for an effective web presence. But those things have already been talked about and sufficiently debated.

Instead, I want to talk about the three primary components of building a sustainable web presence. Just about all aspects of web marketing fall into these three areas.

And while we can often get caught up on the details of what to do and why, sometimes taking a step back to look at the bigger picture helps us to gain perspective and better understand why certain tasks are more important than others.

Website Architecture: Building On A Solid Foundation

Web Presence AuditI cannot stress enough how important website architecture is for effective web marketing. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked things when it comes to building one’s web presence.

As an SEO since 1998, I’ve had countless businesses come to us after having their site developed, now ready to move into the web marketing” phase. Unfortunately, they aren’t aware that what happens before and during the website development is just as important for web marketing as what happens after the site rolls out to the world.

These businesses are often shocked when we tell them that we have to go back and, essentially, re-develop the site so that it’s search engine friendly. Why? Because many web developers are not doing the right things.

There are two basic components to a good site architecture: 1) what’s good for the search engines and, 2) what’s good for the visitors. While doing what’s good for visitors is usually also good for search engines, there are other components, invisible to the visitor, that helps the search engines read, assess and value the pages of your site.

If your website architecture is flawed, you’ll have trouble gaining traction in your other web marketing efforts. Social media marketing can attract a lot of visitors to your site, but what then? Will those visitor engage or bounce? You’ll always get a certain number of wins — but is it enough, or could it be better?

Architecture can also impact rankings, as a good site architecture helps Google to more easily identify your site’s most important pages. If you don’t fix the behind-the-scenes issues on your site, your ability to get top rankings may suffer. Full Story Here.

Web Presence is more than Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Making a web presence can work in your favor as long as you establish early on about what your goals are and what type of experience you want to give users who visit your site. Planning – Having a clear view of your current web presence will provide more effective starting points for planning online marketing, social media, email marketing and content creation efforts.

Whether it is for the hours worked, schedule planning, project management, or visualization of a detailed report, a properly built Web Presence will meet your needs and will adapt to your demands.

Our most impressive web presence service is helping our clients show up on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Call us now for a FREE Website Audit and Consultation: (951) 286-1195.

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