Competitive Website Audit Can Beat Your Competitors

How Can Competitive Website Audit Do To Your Business In Murrieta?

Competitive Website Audit Can Beat Your CompetitorsUnderstanding the SEO strategy of a competitive website audit  is a critical component of a B2B SEO campaign.  Any competitive website is constantly updating, understanding and enforcing its SEO. Today, a competitive website audit is not just a must but also a key to your success. s travelers spend a lot of time online researching possible destinations, having a competitive website is critical to gaining the interest of a potential visitor.

Analysis of your competitive website audit can help your business in many ways like identifying those services that were not offered by your competitor. Having a competitive website will ensure new customers and customer retention. A competitive website audit will make or break a business and search results are imperative for traffic, calls, and leads. Nowadays, a competitive website is what makes your business credible and trustworthy.

Auditing it against your competitors’ sites gives you an extra lens through which to assess the effectiveness and identify gaps and tactical needs.

How to do a Competitive Content Audit to Beat Your Competition

What goes into a Competitive Content Audit?

Know thy enemy. This is the underlying basis for a competitive content audit. Put simply, this audit takes stock of the content your competition is using, how they’re using it, and why it’s making such an impact with their target audience. More importantly, it can give you valuable intelligence to leverage when making your own content better – even better than the competition’s.

Warning: It’s possible to spend hours upon hours auditing the competition’s content, depending on how big they are. You don’t have the time for that, though.

Fortunately, you can gain a strong understanding of the competition in a few short hours with this quick n’ dirty competitive content audit that evaluates two primary factors:

  1. What content the competitor has published
  2. How well their content is doing

By evaluating these factors, you can get a much stronger understanding of the kind of content dominates your market. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. But, what if that competition is kicking your butt all over the Internet with highly shareable content? We have all been there and thought to ourselves: “What is it about the stuff on their site that makes them so special? Read more here.

Creating a competitive website is one of the few things that we should consider when we want to build a solid online customer base.


Another important and helpful tool in your content strategy tool belt is conducting a basic competitive analysis.  Understanding who your key competitors are, how they’re positioning themselves, what products and services they offer, and how their talking about them, is an extremely helpful way for you to ensure your content is differentiated and compelling to your personas (who are probably looking at your competitors, too).

The first step is creating your competitive list.

  1. Start by identifying 3 to 5 core competitors for your research. You can create a longer list to use in the Competitors app—but for your core list, try to limit it to your direct competitors. Specifically the competitors that will be within your personas’ consideration set.
  2. Add to this list one business that you consider a “best in breed” example of an online presence. This one doesn’t necessarily need to be a direct competitor, but the more relevant it is to you and your industry, the more it will help you.  This will be your benchmark example of who you think is doing a good job of positioning themselves.
  3. Last, add one business, not necessarily a competitor—but in your industry, that you think is not doing a great job at positioning themselves online. This will help you see what not to do with your content. See more here.

Service comparison using company websites, so having a competitive website can certainly give your business a chance to somehow compete with bigger companies.

How to Use Competitive Auditing to Pinpoint and Outsmart Your Competitors

Benefits of Competitive Auditing

Competitive auditing can help you learn new marketing tactics and persuasion techniques and to also discover valuable ways to position your brand. But, there are three core benefits that I want to focus on. A competitive audit can help you:

1. Discover new marketing channels: A few years ago, I hadn’t even thought about the potential of retargeting. But, competitive auditing showed me what a great strategy retargeting is, for bringing lost customers back to your site. The screenshot below shows some of the stats:

2. Identify what customers truly want: Give your customers what they want and you will beat the competition. Competitive auditing helps you find out.

Marcus Sheridan, of The Sales Lion, struggled to grow his swimming pool business, until he realized that most pool businesses didn’t give customers what they wanted. He realized that prospects didn’t just want a swimming pool, but advice on how to save money on it, use it and maintain it. He made it his business to provide top quality information and his company and he became super successful, with a strong voice in the content marketing industry. Read full article here.

A Competitive Website Can Quickly Improve Your Business

Developing a truly competitive website audit will take specialist skill, creativity and time. There are many reasons and ways to audit your site content—we’ve covered personas, content performance, and quality. Your audit should begin by determining your goals and the measures (or heuristics) you’ll use to score the sites. Make sure criteria are specific enough to be measurable, although a certain amount of judgment calls will be inevitable. To keep the task manageable, you may want to focus on the one to three top competitors in your area.

Simple searches and timed browse exercises can help you determine how discoverable your content is compared to your competitors. How does your content or product range stack up? Does your writing have a voice appropriate for that audience or do your competitors do a better job of hitting that tone? Can people find content or products on your site? To receive a free quote from our executives, you may call us here: (951) 286-1195 discuss the details of your business project and online marketing needs so that a competitive website is developed to accomplish your online business goals.

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