How Important To Have Mobile Friendly Websites In Your Business

Building Quality Mobile Friendly Websites In Murrieta!

How Important To Have Mobile Friendly Websites In Your BusinessCreating mobile friendly websites is one of the best methods to reach million of users worldwide. The demand for mobile friendly websites is huge and getting bigger every day! Mobile friendly websites can aid user interaction between your website and social media apps.

The key to success when it comes to building mobile friendly websites is to make your website responsive. Mobile friendly websites are an absolute necessity if you want to reach your target audience today and in the years to come. Mobile friendly websites can be view on all devices and not just on computer screens.The consumers will soon adopt the easiest way of communicating with the markets and the trends that are moving like a storm, and mobile friendly websites are making it easier to do that.

3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Have you asked yourself this question recently? Smartphones and other mobile devices are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access; if you haven’t already got a mobile website, you need to get one soon.

Here are three reasons you must have a mobile-friendly website now:

1. It’s What Your Customers Want – and They Expect You to Provide It
Increasingly, your customers are not sitting front of desktops or laptops. Instead, they’re on the go, and they’re accessing your website from their mobile devices. What does that mean for you? If you don’t give customers what they want (easy visibility and navigation so they can browse and shop while mobile), they’ll go someplace else. So how do you go about creating a mobile-friendly site? Don’t try to simply “tweak” your existing website to try to make it so. Traditional websites don’t display well on mobile phones.

2. Google May Penalize You if You Don’t Have a Mobile Friendly Website
It’s true, and there’s a reason for that. Google recognizes that you don’t need a computer to surf the Internet. Many sites, however, still use content, images, and navigation structures that just don’t work well on mobile devices. Users can only see those websites properly using a desktop or laptop monitor or screen, and smartphone browsers end up with a very unsatisfying user experience. Why does that matter to Google? Because if a particular website isn’t mobile friendly, Google will recognize that and be less likely to display it as a legitimate search result. Check more here.

The demand for mobile friendly websites is huge, and if your website isn’t responsive in 2015, you’re falling behind and losing potential customers.

Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Important

Why is a Mobile-Friendly Website Important?

With more and more visitors accessing your company website on mobile devices, it is important to make sure that all of your visitors have a positive experience, regardless of what type of device they’re using to get there. If your website takes too long to download, or is not easy to use on a mobile device, they may move along to a competitor. Having a mobile-friendly website brings with it several key advantages, including:

  • Improved search visibility
  • Improved user experience
  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved brand identity

As of April 21, 2015, Google began giving preference to mobile-optimized sites (AKA “Mobilegeddon”) in mobile search results. If even a small portion of your target visitors are on mobile devices, this could be quite significant for your online visibility. Ultimately, the better an experience you can provide for your mobile visitors, the better the chance they will convert into new business. You never know where or when your target visitor will arrive on your site, so it is important that your website is ready to work on any device they may be using, wherever they may be. See more here.

Mobile friendly websites are built using code that makes the content and structure of your website adapt and change depending on what device the visitor is using.

The internet is constantly changing, it’s undeniable. Years ago Internet access was only available on a heavy desktop computer that had to “dial-up” the internet. Nowadays users are able to access the internet from a number of devices including tablets, laptops, watches and mobile devices. According to comScore 80% of Internet users own a smart phone and use that device to search the Internet. Having a website that is able to be navigated and also helpful on desktops and mobile is imperative because it harbors these benefits.

Mobile-friendly websites improve the user’s experience. It’s a sad fact in today’s society, but if the user cannot navigate the website and view the content easily, they will leave the website. At some point in our lives we have all tried to open a link on our cell phones only to realize the website is nothing more than disorganized chaos.

Another benefit of having a mobile-friendly website is that it gives you and your business a competitive edge. Right now, thousands and thousands of companies are in transition periods where they are transitioning from a website that isn’t mobile-friend to a site that is. If your company currently has a mobile-friendly site you are ahead of the game. Read full article here.

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Packed With Advantages

Mobile friendly websites can be accessed anywhere at anytime. Mobile friendly websites can give business owners more customers and more profit from ads and also from traffic to and from their mobile website. Well, optimized mobile friendly websites can benefit local businesses by driving significant additional sales and revenue.

Basically, this means that mobile friendly websites will rank higher than before and nonmobile friendly websites will rank lower. For those who simply want their users to be able to read on-site content or news items, mobile friendly websites are often perfect. Our mobile friendly websites can help reach new customers for your business call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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