Key Concepts of Android App Development

Android App Development For Beginners

Key Concepts of Android App DevelopmentThe use of these android app development concepts is vital for developing an application quickly. Android provides a number of standard UI controls that enable a rich user experience. Designers and developers should thoroughly understand all of these controls. The major building block of the user interface is called activity.

It can take up to ten times longer to develop a custom control than to implement a user interface with standard Android controls.Android applications are composed of “activities” which are unique, focused actions a user can take.Let’s start with most basic android concepts which some of us may already know.First, Android developers must specify whether each screen should follow a linear layout which manages controls in a horizontal or vertical fashion or a relative layout which manages controls in relation to one another.

Importance of Android Application Development for your Business

In the field of mobile marketing, it is not enough to understand this operating system Android. The growth of Android phones has increased the opportunity for many great artists in this area for the creation of application programs and new games for the mobile world. The designer can take on many different programs and games for sale in the market.

The best feature of these applications is that they have the opportunity to work with any change there. By providing development opportunities for service in Android, the developers had the opportunity to develop their creativity by creating programs that would otherwise become waste. It is amazing the different level of the program is presented to the industry for Android regular times.

All Android application developers are different level. Some are very good at their jobs and the best known in the market for their excellent service as they do good projects in the mobile market. Each developer is specialized in one or another project. Customers are always looking for the best application services that can assist in the implementation of a good project to market. Read more here.

Although the Android platform is open and customizable, Android users have become accustomed to constructs developed by Google for Android devices.

Key Android Concepts

No doubt, you are in a hurry to get started with Android application development. After all, you are reading this book, aimed at busy coders. However, before we dive into getting tools set up and starting in on actual programming, it is important that we “get on the same page” with respect to several high-level Android concepts. This will simplify further discussions later in the book.

Android Applications

This book is focused on writing Android applications. An application is something that a user might install from the Play Store or otherwise download to their device. That application should have some user interface, and it might have other code designed to work in the background (multi-tasking). This book is not focused on modifications to the Android firmware, such as writing device drivers. For that, you will need to seek other resources.

This book assumes that you have some hands-on experience with Android devices, and therefore you are familiar with buttons like HOME and BACK, the built-in Settings application, the concept of a home screen and launcher, and so forth. If you have never used an Android device, you are strongly encouraged to get one (new or used) and spend some time with it before starting in on learning Android application development. See more here.

The use of these Android concepts is vital in developing an application quickly custom Android designs can take up to 10 times longer!

10 Major Benefit of Android App Development

Smartphones have made deep inroads into our lives. From shopping to reading daily news and entertainment, these devices have become personalized source of information and entertainment for most users. With regular features and spec upgrades today’s smartphones offer you advanced computing features and would match any desktop or laptop in terms of their utility. If you are planning to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of the smartphone through apps, Android should top your list. In this brief write-up we take a look at the 10 major benefits of Android app development.

It’s Hot
According to the latest figures Android has more than 82% of the market share in the smartphone market. More than one billion devices are powered by the operating system. The huge market creates many opportunities for businesses.

It’s Free
Android being open source and free has a comparatively low entry barrier and this allows small businesses and start-ups to develop apps easily. This also ensures that businesses can price their apps more competitively.

It’s Easy
With the help of its robust Software Development Kit (SDK) developers can easily build apps for businesses, entertainment and gaming. The SDK helps minimize the cost of development and licensing. Check full article here.

Things To Know Before Building First Android App Development

An android app development is something that a user might install from the Google Play Store or otherwise download to their device from any remote location over internet/ even from their local systems as well.This application should have some user interface, and it might have some other code designed to work in the background of the application. You can think of an activity as a user interface as you see in classic windows application.

Just like in windows where an application takes most of the screen apart from toolbar strip, an activity also leaves the area on mobile device screen only for the strip on top contain device clock, signal strength indicators etc. Remember this term, you will be using it in every step of your app development. The android app development model encourages you to make your own data available to other applications, call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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