The business world is changing faster than ever thanks to modern technology, the Internet, and consumers’ ever-shortening attention spans. We’re consuming small doses of information more than ever, while ignoring large chunks of information (like books) at an alarming rate.

Here’s why mobile is so important:

  • Steadily Increasing Traffic

As predicted, mobile traffic has been skyrocketing in 2015. People are using mobile devices to consume information online more than any other type of device, and that includes any type of desktop or laptop computer. Google announced in Spring 2015 that mobile had finally taken over traditional web browsing on a computer in number of searches.

  • Google’s Preference

Not only have mobile numbers and statistics been skyrocketing, but Google has also given mobile-friendly websites preference over sites that are not mobile-friendly. This change means any business without a mobile responsive theme is leaving money on the table. See more here.