How to Use Social Videos to Boost Your Business Visibility

Effective Social Videos Can Build Brand Awareness In Murrieta

How to Use Social Videos to Boost Your Business VisibilityThe most popular use of social videos is to tell your brand’s story. Creating content for social videos is a wee bit tricky, one has to keep in mind a few aspects of social video design. Since the audience for social videos is unique and diverse, you need specific strategies to keep viewers engaged.
The strategy behind social videos is to create content that your target audience wants to see. The beauty of social videos is that there is more than one audience to target when creating them. One of the best strategies for creating powerful social videos is to use real people. Knowing how to effectively utilize text in your social videos is of paramount importance if you are to successfully tell your story.

Using video to boost your practice’s visibility

In fact, the number of video ads watched in the U.S. more than tripled from the previous year, jumping from 11 billion to more than 35 billion. By 2017 (according to networking equipment manufacturer Cisco), video traffic is expected to reach 69% of all consumer Internet traffic. So what does this mean for your practice?

Video Creation

Video is inexpensive and easy to make, can be posted and viewed directly from multiple platforms (including your website, YouTube, Facebook, and Google+), and — thanks to recent algorithm tweaks by Google — videos can even rank well in search results.

Video Sharing

Four billion videos are viewed each day on YouTube. But getting your target audience onto YouTube can be a difficult job. Your social accounts may be the best place for your videos to reach the most people:

  • More than 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute.
  • 500 years’ worth of YouTube video is viewed on Facebook every day. Read more here.
The creation of engaging social videos is more important than ever for brands, schools, and companies who want to stand out in their landscape.

How to Boost Your Business with Professional Video Marketing

The advances in video technology have propelled this to become the most powerful marketing tool in the modern business environment. Today, it is easy for even small businesses to create professional videos and compete with larger global brands on the internet platforms. If you have been struggling to break through the competitive internet market, it is time to get further insight on how to use video as your trump card.

Video Marketing in Numbers

To highlight the importance of video in the modern business environment, consider also that 59% of executives surveyed opt for video over text on any topic. The same report says that 52% of marketers believe visual content is more effective than text. In fact, 82% of online marketers already use this type of content with high levels of success.

Advantages of Visual Content Today

Every marketer appreciates the volatile nature of the landscape they are supposed to operate in. Many marketing tools come and go and therefore, you have to be very keen before adopting any marketing technique to be part of your strategy. For video, the benefits that you will enjoy form a good basis, especially when making a case to the higher office. See more here.

Social videos can help build loyalty and trust among consumers and build your reputation as a brand that makes an effort to reach out and connect with users over a medium that allows them to talk back and communicate with you.

Benefits of Video in Marketing

With internet speeds getting better, videos are now becoming very popular on the internet. Almost every smart phone has a video camera that can be used to shoot videos.

How can companies improve their customer experience with videos?

FAQs – The frequently asked questions part of their website can be greatly enhanced with video demonstrations. Customers can actually see a step-by-step process of solving a problem.

Video chat – Seeing a human face can build that emotional connect with a brand. Some companies are experiencing far better customer satisfaction rates after switching to video chats.

More engagement on social media – Brands are asking customers to share their videos which is seeing more engagement on social media. It’s becoming a great way to become more social. Check full article here.

Social Videos Are In High Demand

However, you should keep in mind that social videos are also made to interact with users. Social videos are suitable not only for brand awareness and customer loyalty but also for the relationship to your employees. Most businesses want to promote their brand every chance they get, and social videos are no exception.
Social videos are digital videos created for sharing across various social media platforms. We all know that the most successful social videos are short and entertaining, call us here: (951) 286-1195 for more ideas. Social videos are good content, proven to keep visitors on your website longer and help your search rank.

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