Video Marketing Is A Great Small Business Idea

A Small Business Idea In Murrieta!

Video Marketing Is a Great Small Business IdeaMany modern businesses have discovered that video marketing for a small business idea is an excellent way to reach and interact with customers. The first step in developing your new small business idea is to do a break-even analysis. Thinking through these important issues before going all-in will help you decide whether or not your small business idea is worth pursuing in the first place.

Video Marketing for Small Business is one of the most effective ways to connect with a target audience. Video marketing for small business is the preferred way for many visitors to gather information. Another very important factor that plays into the validity of a small business idea is money. Video marketing for small business is not complete without Facebook marketing videos since the site hosts billions of views per day.This small business idea is also related to the trend of consumers hanging onto things longer rather than just buying new ones when they perceive the economy is headed into recession.

Video Marketing for Small Business

The use of online videos in small business marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy.  Research has suggested that immediately after viewing a company’s video consumers are far more likely to visit the company website or contact the company via phone. Adding video marketing to your marketing strategies can be fun and easy. Here are some tips to help.

If you want to add video marketing to your own small business marketing program, it doesn’t have to be a huge challenge.  It can actually be fun and easy.  While there are a variety of companies that are willing to help with this sort of production, it is so simple you will probably be able to pull it off yourself.  After all, you aren’t trying to make a blockbuster here; you’re simply trying to create a relationship with prospects and spread the word about your product or services.

Creating Your Online Video
Make sure your video is “real”.  Customers are not interested in hearing a tired sales pitch.  They want to get to know the human behind the business, so give them what they want. Instead of hammering off rote information or giving a lot of buzzwords, just be you. Use a good quality camera.  It doesn’t have to be that expensive.  These days, digital recorders have become less and less expensive.  Find a decent camera that has good reviews (check with the online review sites and be sure to read the opinions of actual users). Then try a few practice videos to see what sort of quality you actually get. Read more here.

Video-marketing Video marketing for small business is becoming increasingly popular and find out if your small business idea is worth the investment.

4 Smart Video Marketing Tips for Every Small Business

I recently talked to a company that had decided that they were not going to use video because it didn’t convert for them.  However, they hadn’t taken the time to figure out why it wasn’t working for them.  As someone who helps companies develop video marketing strategies, it was easy to see why their video wasn’t converting.  Unfortunately, they were not interested in asking the question and probably will never make another video, giving their competitors a great advantage.

How can you make sure that your video does what you need it to do?  Here are 4 tips to help your small business succeed with online video:

Marketing vs Advertising
It is important to know the difference between video marketing and video advertising.  Video marketing is the use of video as content on websites, landing pages, social media and email as part of your marketing strategy.  Making a video and putting it on YouTube is not video marketing.  Video advertising is buying ads across all screens, using advanced audience and market targeting.  Your strategy might be online, TV, or a combination of both.  Online video advertising is more cost effective for small businesses that are targeting a local area and specific buyer.  With proper planning, you can reach more of the right people.

Know your brand
Know the rules for your brand and business size.  The size of a small business can vary from one person to just under 500 people. It can include businesses that have one or two people and work out of their home.  At times, it might be okay to use a cell phone to create your video, if it fits the brand.  However, if you are a professional brand, such as CPA, doctor, HVAC you need to put away the cell phone and get professional help.  You need people to take your brand seriously and you need your video to look professional.  The more professional your brand, the more professional your video needs to be. See more here.

Video Marketing For Small Business is a sure fire method to also develop your SEO and online footprints and will give your marketing greater depth.


The growth of video as a marketing tool
We only have to see the massive impact a successful online video can have to realise how video is becoming a more and more important channel for communication. Take for example John Lewis’ Christmas 2013 Bear and Hare video. in its first week it shot to the top of the Viral Video chart with 155,106 shares in just seven days. And, within just one month of going live, it can boast over 9, 787, 194 views on YouTube.  Of course, John Lewis had a multi-million pound budget and the help of a top advertising agency, but it clearly demonstrates how brands are increasingly realising the importance of video marketing.

Benefits video can bring to small businesses

Research shows that a customer who watches a video is 85% more likely to make a purchase . Getting on board with video marketing brings a number of benefits to your small business.

1. Content
Having relevant video content on your website can be an essential part of your content marketing mix.  Creating fresh, relevant content helps with SEO, since search engines consistently rank websites with videocontent higher in page rankings than websites without.  Indeed,  research shows that a website with video content is 53 times more likely to appear in page 1 of Google

2. Cost
Video marketing doesn’t have to cost the world.  You don’t need to rely on a production company to produce a good video – there are lots of DIY options out there. You can make your own video with the use of a decent camera and video editing software such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. There are also plenty of online video creation tools available  such as Animoto or WeVideo. Read full article here.

A Great Small Business Idea Is One With A Strong Consumer Demand

Another important part of assessing the viability of your small business idea is determining whether or not there is a demand in the area. This video marketing for a small business idea is typically easy to start, and not especially expensive to fund. The key to this small business idea is knowing the value of things so you buy them at a low price, and mark them up for the reasonable profit.

If you’re like many who are considering starting a small business, you probably wonder if your small business idea is viable. We believe that video marketing for small business can be simple, effective and affordable. Label your videos with something catchy, video Marketing for small business can engage your audience, help create a brand and drive more traffic to your website, you may call us here: (951) 286-1195 for more ideas.

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