The Importance of Local Video Marketing For Your Business

Local Video Marketing in Murrieta

local video marketingLocal video marketing is hot right now and will get hotter as video continues to proliferate across the web. As online video sites are growing in popularity, local video marketing is becoming more and more of a necessity for businesses looking to get their name and message to their target market.

If you ever have used the web to do a search you will notice some companies already have a web presence of some sort, however not many of them have understood why local video marketing is so important.

Video enhances the Searchability of your content. Search is where local video marketing is a must for any small business. Theses methods were once great ways to attract new customers but in the world of Internet, the use of local video marketing is becoming more and more a way to convert prospects to customers.

The importance of local video marketing is a series of videos that keep going and going just like the energizer bunny. YouTube video statistics and video advertising statistics will prove that local video marketing is a great way to up your business’s cash flow.

Why 2016 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing

Why 2016 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing

January has come and gone, and February slipped out the door right behind it. Now it’s March, and you’re probably working hard to implement all those new campaigns and initiatives you developed in December.

But did you set the right goals? And are you using the right tools to achieve those goals?

The fact of the matter is, if you didn’t include a video marketing strategy as part of your broader content marketing plan, you’re missing out.

Video isn’t just a nice afterthought. It’s a chance to take your marketing strategy into the stratosphere. (highlight to tweet)

The good news? It’s springtime. It’s a fresh start—a chance to do marketing better. And it’s not too late to tap into the power of video. Here are just some of the many reasons 2016 is the year of video marketing.

1. Video Will Help You Dominate Your Marketing Objectives

One of our main messages at Explainify is that video is not a silver bullet.

By saying that, it may seem like I’m shooting myself in the foot with that silver bullet, but it’s true: video, on its own, isn’t magically going to grow your business. But if you use video strategically to accomplish specific business objectives, you’ll see serious returns.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Adding a video to your website can increase the chance of a front page Google result by up to 53x.
  • Using videos in email marketing has been shown to double click-through rates.
  • 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates consistently outperform other marketing content.
  • Audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video content—embed, share, or comment—more than text-only blogs or related social posts.


If you have a clear vision for what marketing objectives you want to achieve, video will help you get there.

2. Video Is No Longer Just for the Top of Your Funnel

A lot of companies see that we make explainer videos, and they think video marketing stops there. But there are so many opportunities for you to offer your audience video content throughout the buyer’s journey—video that will help educate them, make it easy to trust your brand, and move them to a purchase decision faster.

Top-of-Funnel Video

Of course, awareness-stage video is still a great way to improve conversions. Take ExactTarget, for example: When they implemented video on their website, their bounce rate decreased—and the average time on site increased by 100%!

Or what about the folks at Limelight Networks? Thanks to video, their bounce rate essentially evaporated, and their unique visitor count doubled—almost overnight!

Middle-of-Funnel Video

But stopping at the top of the funnel would be a big mistake. Video is a great opportunity to stay in touch with folks who are in the consideration stage, making their purchase decision.

That’s exactly what legendary online shoe retailer Zappos thought. And when they added product demo videos to their product pages, they saw a 30% impact on sales.

Zappos video marketing

Bottom-of-Funnel Video

Your existing customers will also appreciate ongoing engagement through video content, like when IKEA created a series of instructional videos showing customers how to build some of their most popular furniture.

Video belongs at every stage of the buyer’s journey. And the more places you utilize great video in your funnel, the easier you make it for those buyers to move down the path to purchase. Read Full Story Here.

The benefits of local video marketing are countless

The truth is local video marketing is now more affordable than ever before. All in all, video marketing is highly beneficial for improving brand recognition and customer retention. It can help you differentiate from competitors, showcase your expertise in the property market and ultimately contribute to lead generation and new listings.

You now know some of the benefits and how effective video marketing can be, so what are you waiting for? Our professional video marketing service will handle everything, from researching your buyer keywords, to carrying out a competitor analysis or sometimes known as competitive intelligence. Get in touch with us now and Call us here: (951) 286-1195.


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