Why Corporate Video Production Is Effective For Business Growth

A Corporate Video Production Is A Must In Murrieta!

Why Corporate Video Production Is Effective For Business GrowthCorporate video production is frequently the responsibility of a company marketing or corporate communications manager. Corporate video production is an investment and the quality of your videos will determine the return on a campaign. Corporate video production is an opportunity which makes preparation meet the luck.

Corporate video production is dying, along with sales videos, testimonial videos, and promo videos. Corporate video production is suitable for startups, medium-sized companies, and large corporations. Corporate video production is the outcome of the teamwork and co-ordination of various people.Corporate video production is an extremely versatile option to capture your targeted field in detail, plus, a versed platform to promote your company, products, and services as well.

The Future of Video Production – Chaos, Specialization & Real Reality

Back in the ‘big-iron’ days of corporate video you took some shots of the corporate headquarters, threw in a couple talking heads yammering on about the company’s mission statement and their place in the universe, added in a whack of superfluous motion graphics and $25,000 later, voila! – you had yourself a corporate video.

Video Production – Where we are today

1. The industry is in transition.

Let’s put one myth to bed forever. Video production is no longer a dark art mastered over decades slaving at the the feet of your local video Jedi master. Video production is just another technical and creative skill that can be learnt by anyone with a bit of ambition and imagination. My daughter was taught video editing in grade nine and she’s really good at it. My other daughter takes phenomenal photographs with her iPhone (aided by a bit of Instagram magic.) My son, who worked with me in video production with no prior training was ahead of me in many (perhaps most) aspects of video production after a year or two.

2. The means of production have been commoditized.

Software is (virtually) free. For $50 a month you can get every bit of new software you’ll ever need from Adobe. Hardware is quickly becoming irrelevant. Sony just introduced the FS7 (the camera the dude is holding in the picture above) which does everything you’ll ever need a camera to do (4K, low-light, slo-mo, etc.) for under $10k. The purists, tech snobs, and big budget players will always spend more on gear – good for them, but the differences in final output quality are becoming less and less obvious to the general viewing public. Read more here.

Corporate video production is quite innovative technology, which can be brilliantly utilized for the company’s marketing and promotion along with several other in-house activities like training, fundraising, and documentary.

What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate video is an umbrella term used to define all video communications used for internal or external corporate messaging. One way that corporate video can be distinguished from traditional video advertising is the target audience. Corporate video is often intended for a specific audience rather than the general public. A corporate video might be created to present financial results to stakeholders or to highlight a new initiative within the company.

Corporate videos may also include employee training videos and promotional videos for new product lines or services. Below you can see an example of a corporate video we created for Coca-Cola to highlight their support of the Olympic Moves sports program. This video was shown to key stakeholders in the program to explain the work that was being done.

Prior to widespread usage of online video, corporate video was primarily used either for internal communications or for broadcast on television. Budget constraints tended to limit the amount of corporate video which could be created. However, the falling cost in HD cameras has meant that even regular corporate communications can be filmed to near broadcast quality. See more here.

Believe it or not, a lot of marketing studies have proven that businesses that invest in their corporate video production are more successful than those who don’t.

Here’s Why You Need a Corporate Video Production Strategy

The Benefits of a Written Corporate Video Production Strategy

The main reason that it’s important to have a corporate video production strategy is that you must ensure every video you create pulls it share. A strategy ensures that each video doesn’t do its work piecemeal, that it’s part of a larger, cohesive message. If every video is created in isolation, you won’t be able to connect the dots as a company, and your results simply won’t be up to par.

Putting together a complete corporate video production strategy creates a true awareness of video’s power throughout your company. The marketing team will know what message it’s telling and how it works with the rest of their campaigns. The sales team will know how to use it to nurture prospects in different stages of the sales process. Your video content becomes a true tool for everybody in the organization to use instead of just another piece of content you’re pushing out.

In order for your strategy to be effective, it must be comprehensive. Below, we’ll discuss exactly what your corporate video production strategy must include. Check full article here.

Corporate Video Production Can Help You Make A Powerful Connection

Remember, corporate video production is an investment, and to get people to take notice so you can see a return on that investment, your videos need to stand out.the budget allows.  Corporate video production can offer a massive return on investment and we urge you as a business to include a strong, well planned corporate video as part of your businesses marketing plan. A corporate video production can help you assemble a professional, branded, and targeted message that will truly connect with your target audience.
Corporate video production is just one of the many professional video creation services that we offer call us here: (951) 286-1195. We take the time to understand your brand and key messages, we then use our expertise to come up with ideas and concepts that will engage your audience, not only informing but actually entertaining them, ensuring your corporate video production is the best it can possibly be.We believe great corporate video production is made possible by a strong creative process and an elite project management approach.

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