Preparing For Local Reach In A ‘Post-Rank’ World

A Local Reach Ranking In Murrieta!

Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ worldOne of the most important factors in improving your websites Local reach ranking is citation building. The process of adding your business to a large number of relevant business directories over a period of time. This verifies your businesses information across a number of reputable sources and improves the online credibility of your website.

With the evolution and the growth of the mobile search market, local reach ranking is more important for local small businesses than ever before. Local reach ranking is often easier than achieving a prominent organic search ranking. Another thing that will help with rankings, as well as local reach ranking, are reviewed. One of the most effective and fundamental ways to improve your local reach ranking is by claiming your business listing and managing your information using Google My Business.

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO

1. Social Links May or May Not Boost Your Search Rank

Okay, social signals pertaining to a profile’s authority are out, but does Google consider links published on social accounts to be credible backlinks? When a blog post goes viral on Twitter, do those new links boost the post’s search ranking?

2. Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines
While social shares may or may not affect a webpage’s position in search listings, your social profiles definitely influence the content of your search results. In fact, social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings for brand names. When I searched “General Electric” in Google, the company’s Instagram and Pinterest profiles appeared as the 5th and 6th listings, respectively, and Twitter was the 8th result.

3. Social Media Channels Are Search Engines, Too
Nowadays, people don’t just go to Google and Bing to look stuff up; they also use social media channels to find what they’re looking for. Patel makes this point in his article on why social is the new SEO: “We need to understand that search engine optimization includes the search that happens on social media search engines.” See more here.

Tracking and monitoring local review ratings and how they impact your local reach ranking is an important source of intelligence that can be used to improve service and operations across the organization.

Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ world: Get your data in line

Local results in a voice search future

In a “post-rank” world, much of the digital effort will be focused on ensuring that a business’s digital presence is an accurate reflection of the real world via detailed service descriptions, numerous reviews and prolific interactions. At least three factors will increasingly affect local results in a voice-first world:

1. Local reach will be affected by searcher proximity to local businesses
Essentially, mobile searches that vary by even a mile or so can produce drastically different local rank results. See Darren Shaw’s research for more on this. Desktop-based searches can be less specific, since they depend on IP. For the most part, this factor cannot be influenced unless you move offices. If your location is farther out of town (and farther from the local population than your competitors), your business may not surface as often in voice results for searchers in the center of town.

2. Local reach will be affected by how ‘good’ the business is
David Mihm pointed out in a recent post that as Google’s capacity to measure real-world engagement with businesses increases, positive engagement signals will mostly likely improve local rank. Many of these signals will be directly affected by the quality of the business’s services, such as:

  • How many locals frequent the business?
  • How many people return after a first visit? Read more here.

Local reach ranking can benefit indirectly from more reviews because potential customers are more inclined to click on businesses with a good review profile, which will lead to higher click-through rates.

Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

The Benefits of Business Blogs for Marketing

First, if you don’t know what a business blog is, this post, “What Is Business Blogging? [FAQs]” should get you up-to-date. (And if you’ve only recently started your business, check out this comprehensive guide on how to start a business, including marketing, sales, and customer service tips.) On the same page? Cool. Let’s move on to why you should use blogging as a marketing tactic.

1) It helps drive traffic to your website.
Raise your hand if you want more website visitors. Yeah, me too. Now think about the ways people find your website:

  • They could type your name right in to their browser, but that’s an audience you already have. They know who you are, you’re on their radar, and that doesn’t help you get more traffic on top of what you’re already getting.
  • You could pay for traffic by buying an email list (don’t you dare!), blasting them, and hoping some people open and click through on the emails. But that’s expensive and, you know, illegal.

2) It helps convert that traffic into leads.
Now that you have traffic coming to your website through your blog, you have an opportunity to convert that traffic into leads. Just like every blog post you write is another indexed page, each post is a new opportunity to generate new leads. The way this works is really simple: Just add a lead-generating call-to-action to every blog post. Often, these calls-to-action lead to things like free ebooks, free whitepapers, free fact sheets, free webinars, free trials … basically, any content asset for which someone would be willing to exchange their information. Check full article here.

Local Reach Ranking Is A Must To Your Business

If performed correctly, local reach ranking can be achieved. Your local reach ranking will depend on how close your firm is to the area specified and how close your business is to the person searching. Whether you’re trying to do your local reach marketing yourself or you’re paying an agency to do it for you, the process of elevating your local search ranking can seem lengthy.

Generally, the more citations your business has, the higher your local reach ranking will be. As a small business owner, know the value that a local reach ranking can provide, contact us here: (951) 286-1195. Whether your revenue comes from business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), increasing your local reach ranking will benefit your business.

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