Why Local Link Building Is Important?

Local Link Building is Important in Murrieta

Why Local Link Building is Important?Local link building is a great avenue for early campaign link building, particularly if your website has any chance at netting local customers. The beauty of local link building is that when it comes to relevancy you are looking for link opportunities from a location perspective as well as an industry perspective and a critical component of your search engine optimization.

Clearly, local link building is a challenge even for those with experience. With enough time and creativity effective local link building is possible, which will have a strong impact on your local SEO presence.

However, if you understand that local link building is a process and that you won’t see immediate results, you’ll eventually find success. Remember that local link building isn’t that much different from international link building.

What is Local Link Building?

You may have heard that a good link building campaign is good for SEO, but how exactly does it benefit your SEO efforts? Let’s talk about why link building is important.

The short answer to why local link building is important is easy; getting links to your site on other websites is good for SEO. But the more in-depth answer is a bit more complex. Part of Google’s algorithm takes into account PageRank, a system of points awarded to links on websites that link back to your site. Every webpage indexed by Google is given a score from 0-10, based on their authority. A great place to find the PageRank score for any given web page is PRchecker.info. See more here.

Local link building is about building quality links in your specific geographic location (or the location(s) where you conduct business). This is why this so powerful – these are links that are very human in nature, and should be a consideration in any link building campaign.

Local (SEO) Link Building 101

Local link building is somewhat similar to the types of link building that’re associated with an international link building campaign, except that local link building is geo-targeted and is unique in nature.

It’s important that if you’re a local business, seeking to gain traction in your local market, that you establish a local mindset.

To establish a local mindset, you’re going to need to build local relationships to leverage the most solid, most authoritative links.

When you think of local link building,  you should be thinking about bringing  offline relationships, online. Read more here.

The best way to get started with local link building is come up with a list of what you’ve already managed to get. The added advantage to link building is that these kind of links are almost always relevant.

10 Local Link Building Opportunities for Improving Local SEO

We provided our top 10 sources for local businesses to get links and improve their local SEO so you can more easily hunt down these opportunities and possibly expand your linkable audience.

1. Directories

One of the easiest and most useful sources for increasing relevant and quality backlinks to your website is through directories. There are three different types:
Large Local Directories
These are the directories that provide information for businesses in all locations in all industries. You’ve likely heard their names before, and it is well worth getting your local business listed with a link as search engines trust and value their information. Some examples include:

  • Yelp
  • YellowPages
  • Manta

Niche/Industry Directories

These directories provide business listings based on an industry. Many require payment, but some are free and well visited. If you’re an industrial business operating locally you’d consider getting your business listed in:

  • ThomasNet
  • Brownbook
  • Zycon

Bright Local put together a great list of directories organized by industry. Directory Critic also has a great list. Read full article here.

Local Link Building Is Must!

Local link building can result in quick, quality links is due to the inherent value of being local.  It can really help to boost your business profile. Especially in view that this can result in really great back again links. Local link building can be very effective for businesses that are small and have a greater potential for local customers.

You now know some of the benefits and how effective local link building  can be, so what are you waiting for? Call and speak to one of our certified search engine professionals and see what our local SEO service can do for your business. If you want help with link building and the rest of your local visibility, Call us now: (951) 286-1195.

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