Why Business Must Use Call Tracking?

Use Call tracking Is A Great Companion For Your SEO In Murrieta!

Why Business Must Use Call Tracking?Use call tracking to complete analytics tracking service with integrated call tracking capabilities. Use call tracking is a tool you need to get a full understanding of your online (and offline) efforts. One of the biggest reasons that call tracking is implemented is for campaign attribution.

Use call tracking to process of measuring the impact of the marketing effort on lead generation and sales. The great thing is that call tracking is an easy way to get a very clear picture of your marketing performance. Those not using call tracking are signing on to enjoy those benefits and to avoid being left behind.Call tracking is a technology which can enable the pay per call, pay per minute or pay per lead business model, allowing the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising such as Google AdWords,

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Using Business Call Tracking

For any business to succeed, you need a great website — and great tools to analyze its success. We live in a day and age where such tools exist; however, measuring online traffic and data is only one small piece of the puzzle. Call tracking is the tool you need to get a full understanding of your online (and offline) efforts. We’ll highlight the top reasons why your business needs call tracking and why tracking incoming calls can help you optimize your business for success. Call tracking can help you gather and analyze customer data to increase and improve sales. Here’s how:

1. Correlate phone calls with website success
Without call tracking, you can’t accurately measure the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Sure, with Google AdWords and Analytics, you can measure online conversions and goal completions. But what if someone decides to call you instead of filling out an online form? With call tracking, phone calls will no longer be lost in translation. By tracking phone calls as conversions, you’ll be able to get a full picture of your online success.

2. Dynamic number insertion
Dynamic number insertion is the bread and butter of online call tracking. This feature automatically assigns specific phone numbers to visitors based on their source, allowing you to accurately attribute where your calls are coming from. Even when your visitor leaves your website and comes back at a later date, they’ll continue to see that same phone number. Whether it’s a PPC ad or an organic search, you’ll always know which sources are driving phone calls. Read more here.

An application of call tracking is to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by comparing tracking reports before and after.

The 10 Types of Business that MUST Use Call Tracking

How often do you call a business directly to make a purchase? Well, there was that time when you called the real estate agency that sold you your first home, right? Oh, and to think of it you called the company that ripped up those ugly carpeted floors and replaced them with the flawless wood that you’re consistently getting compliments on. To think of it, just the other day, you called the hotel in Austin to secure your reservation for your upcoming business trip.

#1: Home Services
Think plumbers, painters, landscapers, cleaning services, flooring, windows/door installation, you get the gist. If your line of work falls under the home improvement category, you should absolutely be tracking calls because you likely receive a growing stack of them each day. Imagine your prospect needs to install a new sink: they probably search for “sink installation service” or “plumbing service” on Google, click a few ads to compare (keep in mind they may not even realize the results they click are ads), and then called up the service of choice to schedule a time to complete the installation.

#2: Dental & Cosmetic Surgery
Back in college a girlfriend of mine from Hawaii chipped her front tooth on a beer bottle. And I’m not talking about a small chip. Let’s just say it was bad and noticeable. Understandably, she was in a hurry to get this dealt with, but with her dentist being in Hawaii, she wasn’t able to travel from Connecticut to see her. So, as one would expect, she did a search to find a local dentist, visited their website, and called to discuss the incident, ensure they took her insurance, and schedule an appointment. See more here.

call tracking is great because it allows you to set up the plugin and then you have those numbers showing up automatically without having to speak to an engineer or somebody.


Online marketing and analytics makes it possible to measure data and optimize your campaigns, but one form of leads is often overlooked — phone calls. If your marketing team is tracking the performance of your website and pay-per-click landing pages, it’s crucial to put a similar tracking program in place for incoming phone calls.


Data from call tracking makes it much easier to monitor and quantify the success of your marketing campaign. Unique, trackable phone numbers offer a clearer picture of which ads are producing the most profit. Measurable metrics from call tracking include:

  • Volume of calls
  • When and where the calls come from
  • Length of calls
  • PPC landing page performance
  • Conversion rate

At some point, an automated voice has probably told you that “this call may be recorded for quality assurance.” While that message might be annoying when you’re on hold with your car insurance company, the principle behind it could be a valuable addition to your business. Read full article here.

Use Call Tracking To Boost Your Marketing ROI

The pros of call tracking are myriad, and marketers in the financial sector can easily benefit from incorporating this technology into their marketing current strategies. The bottom line of all online marketing campaigns is conversion and conversion will be properly tracked if mechanisms like add call tracking are put in place. Marketers that don’t use call tracking is missing out on important data.

However, use call tracking can offer you additional powerful insights and information on your customer base, allowing you to understand your target audience like never before. Use call tracking to help you gather and analyze customer data to increase and improve sales. Call tracking can help agencies make smarter marketing decisions, which can lead to a reduction in wasteful ad spending and drive better ROI, call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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