How Phone Call Tracking Increases Your Sales

How Does A Phone Call Tracking Help Your Businesses In Murrieta?

How Phone Call Tracking Increases Your SalesPhone call tracking is the missing piece of the marketing analytics puzzle, allowing marketers to alleviate attribution blind spots and better understand their audience by analyzing which digital and offline marketing tactics are causing customers to pick up the phone and call. Phone call tracking is another way to measure the data of your marketing and lead generation campaigns. Phone call tracking is a simple solution to identify the source of your inbound phone calls.

Phone call tracking is totally an internet based process and a key performance indicator for almost any marketing campaign. Phone call tracking is an often overlooked tracking tool, to begin with, but when it comes to analyzing the results, most of the companies that utilize phone call tracking don’t use it to the fullest. For most organizations, phone call tracking is the missing piece to the marketing conversion puzzle. Phone call tracking is quickly becoming an important consideration in web analytics and conversion rate optimization.Phone call tracking is a great way to measure the success of your online advertising efforts and to evaluate your ROI in pay-per-click (PPC) and micro-targeted display advertising (MTD).

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of measuring the impact of marketing effort on lead generation and sales. It was born from evidence-based marketers’ desire for increased visibility into lead sources. If all leads and sales came from online form conversions, it would be easy to know which ads provide the best ROI without any call tracking whatsoever. But for most industries outside of basic ecommerce – including travel, healthcare, automotive, financial services and B2B technology – the vast majority of leads and sales are generated via the telephone.

Why Companies Undervalue Call Metrics, and What They’re Missing
It seems that virtually every company wants a 360 degree view of their marketing ROI. The age of guesswork is gradually coming to an end. But in many organizations, Sales and Marketing exist in such rigid silos that closing the loop between marketing effort and inbound calls seems virtually impossible. Other companies either assume that it would be too difficult or costly. Still others are simply naive about how many calls their marketing efforts actually drive.

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?
Call tracking systems allow companies to instantly and cheaply create local or toll-free phone numbers with the click of a button. To companies accustomed to purchasing numbers from traditional phone carriers, the process is nothing short of a revolution. Numbers can be assigned nicknames, labels and tags so that they can easily be searched and tracked. Next, marketers associate unique numbers with particular marketing engagements such as TV or radio ads, conference print collateral, social media ads, or even search keywords. Read more here.

Phone call Tracking is a relatively new technology, especially considering how long the phone has been a major medium of business.

Call Tracking & SEO for Increased Sales and Better ROI

Call Tracking Data to Strengthen your Marketing Efforts

Call tracking provides the decision-making data you need to adjust and refine your strategies to provide the best return. This detailed, actionable information allows your staff to answer calls more effectively, knowing what marketing material generated the call and what the customer is looking for based on what he/she was most recently viewing. Your customer service levels go up and so do conversions.

Keyword level call tracking shows you which keywords and web pages your visitors viewed that led to a call, and that information is fed automatically to your Google Analytics account and then to Google Adwords. That means you can now view phone calls as conversions and can monitor which campaigns are driving leads. Keyword research may reveal that you’re not even targeting the keywords that your audience is actually using to find information that eventually leads to a purchase.

Campaign level call tracking allows you to identify which marketing source led a prospect to you, by assigning a dynamic phone number to each source, online or offline. For example, when a prospect calls the phone number associated with a particular ad on Facebook, you’ll know exactly which ad generated this particular call and be able to track it. Online call tracking can trace back to Google Adwords PPC, a Yahoo search, Facebook, a directory listing or an organic web search. Offline tracking can be tracked from a Yellow Pages ad, direct mail, print ads, flyers or even billboards. See more here.

Phone call tracking will quantify the performance of your website by tracking patient phone calls and determining which calls originated from your website as well as whether or not the patients calling are new to the practice.

The Top 10 Call Tracking Benefits You Should Know

Smartphones. Marketing. Phone calls. Three separate elements, yet when combined together highlight a trend in the number of customer engagements marketers will have to optimize: BIA/Kelsey predicts that mobile marketing will drive 162 billion calls to US businesses by 2019. That makes call tracking critical for the modern marketer. And these 10 benefits prove it.

10. No Change In What You’re Already Doing
Most marketers today already optimize their marketing. Whether it’s as simple as seeing how many sales come from a specific campaign, or as complex as bidding on different keywords and phrases in your paid search strategy – marketers get it. Optimization is an important factor in improving ROI. So with call tracking there’s no change in what you’re already doing – you’re just doing more of it. Calls give you one more point of engagement you can use to optimize your marketing.

9. Track Calls Like You Do Clicks
So you already track click-through rate, content downloads, app downloads, and more. Great! Call tracking allows you to do the same thing to understand which marketing sources are generating calls for your business. Even better! (You can even integrate call data into tools like Google Universal Analytics so you can see calls right next to your clicks.) Read full article here.

Phone Call Tracking Is Important

Phone call tracking is similar to tracking contact form submissions, but with a higher level of detail and with the right software, phone call tracking can even have free GPS cell phone tracking. While phone call tracking can be applied to both the offline and online world, let’s narrow our focus to the online world by looking at link tagging. Phone call tracking can also be integrated so that people who do not fill in the conversion form but would like to call can call our customer service or be forwarded to yours for additional information.

Phone call tracking will allow you to report the number of calls, leads, and sales generated from a given marketing channel. This  can be an effective tool, especially for measuring lead generation and new business. Though we have offered you plenty of content on how phone call tracking can be applied to online campaigns, call tracking can also track phone calls generated from offline phone numbers as well. For more information, you may reach us here: (951) 286-1195, the amount of money, time, and resources our phone call tracking can save is immeasurable.

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