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Online Call TrackingOnline call tracking is a snippet of code that is added to your site; this then dynamically replaces all instances of your phone number with a unique overlay. Using unique, static phone numbers for different channels like print advertising, radio and television are great, however, online call tracking is slightly more complex.

Online call tracking can go deeper, connecting with Google Analytics, marketing automation systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and other paid ad campaigns. Online call tracking can help you close the gap between wondering where your leads are coming from and knowing exactly how your customers found you.


Call tracking is a method of generating unique phone numbers to track the overall effectiveness of a campaign where the primary call to action involves your customer calling the business.

How to Integrate Inbound Call Tracking With Online Analytics

For many marketers who rely on the phone, life is like living in Germany — before the wall came down .

On one side of the wall — the click side — life is rich with data. You can track inbound traffic, its sources, its path through your site, and its progress through your funnel. The other side of the wall, however — the call side — is data poor. You get calls to your business, but you don’t know where they came from, and it’s hard to track them. Read more here…

The set up for online call tracking is slightly more complicated but typically involves putting a small amount of javascript on your site that recognizes the domain a searcher is coming from and changes the numbers on your entire website once the searcher lands on it. Online call tracking can trace back to Google Adwords PPC, a Yahoo search, Facebook, a directory listing or an organic web search.

8 Questions: An Intro to Inbound Call Tracking

In this analytics-driven world, a new buzz word has started to take life: Inbound Call Tracking. We are all aware of web analytics and how cookies can track a user throughout  the path-to-purchase. When it comes to online analytics, we ramble on and on. However, when it comes to offline tracking, we are short of words. This avenue is new to the world, especially in India, which is only starting to realise the potential of calls. Here are a few things that the average Indian digital marketer must know about call tracking. Read full article here…

Online, top call tracking services will assign each visitor a unique phone number (known as a legacy number) that will sync with the  Google Analytics if dialed. When the visitor calls, you’re able to track what keywords they used to find you, measure the length of the call (to determine quality) and what pages they’ve viewed before & after the phone call takes place.

Get the Benefits of Call Tracking without Changing Your Local Number

Call tracking makes search marketing simpler, more cost-effective, and more efficient for large firms, new businesses, and marketing veterans alike. With call tracking, you don’t have to wonder which of your marketing efforts are working. You can delve into the conversion funnel to see hard data that demonstrates where your efforts are paying off (and where they aren’t).

While the call tracking industry has a lot to offer, some local marketers are still reluctant to jump on board with call tracking due to concerns over changing their local phone number.  I recently wrote a guide to call tracking for local search for Mike Blumenthal’s blog addressing this very issue. Read full article here…

Guidelines  For Online Call Tracking

When it comes to using call tracking for local search, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Adopt a call tracking strategy that doesn’t account for NAP consistency and you’re setting yourself up for a lot of citation cleanup at best, and utter failure at worst. Every individual and call tracking allows you receive, and SMS phone calls, which now allow you need to their online call tracking issues in the marketing ROI really requires effective call tracking services.

Online call tracking is over the top amazing wait and till you see the simplicity of setting it up!  So use Online Call Tracking Services! It’s really not that hard to do. Call us now (951) 286-1195, we are here to help you set up a system for you.

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