Facebook Conversion Tracking For Your Local Business

Facebook Conversion Tracking in Murrieta Business

Facebook conversion trackingFacebook conversion tracking is a way for advertisers to track clicks on their Facebook ads to interaction on their websites. The process to set up Facebook conversion tracking is similar to other ad networks.

Facebook Conversion Tracking is valuable because it provides the ability to measure the true ROI of a campaign based on cost per conversion (with the help of the new ad reports! Similar to Google AdWords and other PPC programs, Facebook conversion tracking will work via a Javascript snippet that will be placed into the code of a Web page.

Although Facebook conversion tracking can monitor conversions on your website, it will not work on Facebook pages or applications within Facebook. The only limitation that Facebook conversion tracking will have is the fact the reporting will remain inside Facebook.

Big Day Release: Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel

Social media have become an integral and very large part of almost any marketing campaign. Facebook and other social networks may increase traffic and sales rates of your web store, improve your brand awareness and help to create a loyal community of dedicated customers. But for any campaign to become successful, it requires a powerful source of statistics and analytical data that may help to find weak and strong spots of your campaigns as well as build up a winning marketing strategy.

Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel is a Prestashop module that will help you optimize your Facebook ads campaign. Small yet powerful, the module will track your conversion rates, improve your return on investment figures as well as create successful retargeting campaigns. See more here.

Like I said before, FaceBook conversion tracking is not easy and never will be until FaceBook introduces a new conversion tracking for advertisers, but this method will work pretty well. Sales booster features like push notification, social sharing, social login, facebook conversion tracking will increase your sales conversion.

How to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Campaign

In this post, we’ll explain step-by-step how to add the Facebook Pixel to your Campaign so you can track the conversions of your Campaign’s Facebook ads.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Set-Up Your Facebook Pixel

Go into your Ads Manager and do the following:

1. Click “Tools” then Pixels to get to the Facebook pixel dashboard.

Facebook Pixel Dashboard

2. If you’ve never set up a Facebook pixel before, Facebook will prompt you to create a new pixel. If you had previously set-up conversion tracking you will see a new tab called “Facebook Pixel” and the previous pixel tab, now called “Conversion Tracking Pixel (Old).” Read more here.

Facebook Conversion tracking is a feature that does what it says on the box. Each conversion pixel can be used to track many different actions (checkouts, registrations, leads, key page view, adds to cart, or other website conversions). You should choose which of these are important for you to record, then create a conversion pixel for each category.


There are few topics concerning Facebook Ads that evoke as many questions as Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel. There is often a lot of confusion and uncertainty centering around the conversion pixel for both new and experienced Facebook advertisers alike. Especially for those technologically un-savvy folk out there like myself, the pixel can seem like particularly daunting.

The good news is that Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel is remarkably easy to set up, and it’s worth its weight in gold for the effects it has on your campaigns. Let’s dive in and answer some FAQs about the pixel.

What does the tracking pixel do?

Facebook’s conversion tracking pixel is a small snippet of JavaScript code provided by Facebook. You install it on your site, and it does exactly what the name promises—it tracks users who click on your ad, follows them to your site, and measures for different conversions you’ve chosen to flag.
If, for example, you’ve chosen to track sales, you would install the tracking pixel (snippet of JavaScript) onto the page that customers see after they complete their purchase (a thank-you page, for instance).
The pixel sends all this information back to your Facebook Ads Manager, where you can evaluate the success of your campaigns by seeing the concrete numbers of how many people clicked, how many converted, and how much each conversion ended up costing you. Read full here.

Well, Facebook Conversion Tracking is the best option for you!

The process to set up Facebook conversion tracking is similar to other ad networks. Facebook conversion tracking is a tricky issue, but if you’re planning to buy Facebook ads then you’ll just burn a hole through your pockets without the correct tracking system setup. Like I said before, Facebook conversion tracking is not easy and never will be until Facebook introduces a new conversion tracking for advertisers, but this method will work pretty well.

We learned that if you don’t use Conversion Tracking, you’re going to have a hard time determining which ad is actually leading to revenue. As a result, it’s very easy to make the wrong decisions when managing your ads.

So use Conversion Tracking! It’s really not that hard to do. Call us now (951) 286-1195, we are here to help you set up Conversion Tracking on your site and for your ads.

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