Local Citation Finder Improvements: Verify Your Citations and Narrow Your Search Area

A Local Citation Finder In Murrieta Businesses!

Local Citation Finder Improvements: Verify Your Citations and Narrow Your Search AreaLocal citation finder is a competitive analysis tool for citations. The local citation finder is a local SEO tool that was created by a Web Development. A great thing about local citation finder is that it is very easy and intuitive to use.

Local citation finder is an essential local SEO tool to have in their business. A local citation finder is a tool for citation analysis. A local citation finder is a tool that is meant to help with the citation prospecting activities of a local SEO strategy.

A local citation finder is an online tool that is meant to help SEO professionals discover citation sources for a business that is trying to rank in the local SEO results of a Google search.

The Importance of Local Business Citations

You can’t click them and they don’t sell your business with a catchy tagline, so how do citations actually help increase web traffic to your company? While they come in simple packages, local business citations play a crucial role in boosting the online visibility.

What they are
Plain and simple, local business citations typically include your business’s name and address. They don’t provide a list of all your services or always provide a link to your website, and that’s okay. We’ll speak more on that later. Citations are found inside online directories, like your local chamber of commerce, social media sites, or local business listings like Yelp.com or Superpages.com.

How they work
With each citation, businesses let search engines know for sure what they actually do. This is crucial for search engine optimization. More citations lead to more certainty. Without citations, a company might look nondescript to the search engine algorithm, and therefore be less likely to show up in relevant searches. On top of increasing a search engine’s certainty about your business’s information, citations also boost your rank. Read more here.

A neat feature of the local citation finder is that it occasionally provides you with the actual link to build the citation on the particular website, such as an Add your Business page.

Using the Local Citation Finder

What It Does For You

The LCF follows the process outlined in Garrett French’s Phone Number Co-Citation Analysis for Local Link Builders article. Basically, for any local search query (ie. “edmonton greek food”) it:

  • Gathers the phone numbers of the top ranking sites
  • Performs a search for each of those phone numbers
  • Finds all citation sources which list the top ranking sites

Now it’s super simple to start plowing through that list, and building citations for your business. See more here.

The local citation finder is a competitive analysis tool for finding out where the top ranking competitors are getting citations, and for seeing where you already have citations.

5 Great Citation Tools for Local SEO

Local citations are critical for a successful local SEO campaign, but they can sometimes be a pain. If you’re working with a tight budget, limited resources, or a limited understanding of how local citations work, it can be nearly impossible to get everything done yourself. When Google determines rankings for a local search, one of the most important factors it considers is each business’s information. Of course,

Google needs to know your business’s location in order to evaluate whether it fits into the local search’s geographic criteria, but Google also takes your name and phone number into consideration.The accuracy of this information (your name, address, and phone number, known collectively as your NAP), is very important to Google.

The search engine wants to bring the most consistent, accurate information possible to its users, and it rewards the sites and businesses that enable that consistency and accuracy. To evaluate this, Google scours the web for information listings and local directories, searching for any mentions of your brand. If there are any discrepancies in information, such as a different phone number or a different format for your address, it can actively work against you. Check full article here.

Local Citation Finder is Right For You Business

The local citation finder can also be a great tool for keeping track of your client’s local citations. A local citation finder can save you a ton time and hassle, so it belongs on this list. Local citation finder can help you close the gap between you and your competitors and ensure that you show up where they show up. Local citation finder can be an excellent tool to help you discover more prospects.

Tools like local citation finder can help you to identify structured citation providers in your area. Our goal is to always ensure that the local citation finder is the most comprehensive and complete citation tool available, call us here: (951) 286-1195. Local citation finder can help you see what citations you already have on the web so you can get a clear idea of where it might be best to start branching out.

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