Google My Business adds new photos insights

A Google My Business Is A Must In Your Business In Murrieta!

Google My Business adds new photos insightsGoogle my business is Googles new unified interface designed to make life easier for local businesses as well as brands to be better found by Google. Google my business is a must have if you want to be seen in SERPs, but don’t be fooled. Google my business is best understood as a multi-purpose helper, a hand-holder for other platforms.

The increased visibility that Google has placed on Google Local listing results on mobile has meant that Google my business is essential for local SEO. Google My Business is just a business listing management dashboard update. Google my business is certainly not a magic bullet but is part of a strategy that every forward-thinking business should embrace.

Google my business is more important than ever for small businesses to get found in a local search and get ratings from customers.

New Google My Business Insights Show How You’re Being Found

Google has rolled out enhanced insights for Google My Business pages. When logged into GMB, you’ll now be able to see the total views to your GMB page, where visitors are coming from, and how they found your page.

Google Search vs. Google Maps

Where are the visitors to your GMB page coming from? Google Search and Google Maps both send traffic to GMB pages, and now you’ll be able to see a breakdown of how many visitors are coming from which source.

Direct vs. Discovery

How are people finding your GMB page? At times people will find it by directly typing your business or brand name in the search bar. At other times, people may find it by searching for a related keyword. Now Google will show you a comparison between who found your page by searching for your name directly, and who discovered it by searching for a related keyword. Unfortunately, when it comes to the actual keywords used to find your GMB page, those are ‘not provided’. See more here.

Google my business is imperative if you want to rank highly in the local search results, creating a listing on all the other directories related to your business focus is also very important.

How to Interpret Google My Business (GMB) Insights

How Customers Search for your Business

  • Direct = People that are searching for your business by name or location.  I would say you can attribute these impressions to other forms of marketing since the person has already heard about you. A lot of these impressions are most likely existing customers as well.  These are searches that most likely returning a knowledge panel of your business. I got confirmation from Google that impressions will count in this section when the search results only list a single business listing (so this could be misleading in cases where you see a one-box for a non-branded query).
  • Discovery = People that are searching generic categories and see your listing (auto insurance, dentist near me, italian restaurant etc).  These are impressions you can most likely attribute to your SEO efforts.

Where Customers View your Business on Google
This graph is a bit confusing if you don’t understand that when both boxes are checked, the graph is cumulative (the top of the graph includes the total of both numbers).  So for those of you scratching your head wondering why the heck the graph is up near 60 for July 25th in this picture when you hover over it, it’s saying 17, you’re not alone. Here is how you actually see the numbers – the total searches on Maps was 41. The total searches on Search is 17. Therefore the total for the two is 58, which is what the graph is showing. See more here.

Google my business is an exciting opportunity that is brimming with useful benefits, no matter what kind of small business you run.

8 Tips to Take Advantage of The New Google My Business

Google has been honing its small business products for years, a process that has just as often been confusing for small business owners as it has been helpful. Now that confusion should be drastically reduced with the release of Google My Business.

1. Fill Out Your Business Information
First things first: you’ve got to have a very rich page if you’re going to make the most of Google My Business. (Note: any information you enter here will apply across all Google channels you use, so your customers will find the same details in search as they will in Google+ or on YouTube).

2. Create a Community With Google+
If you already have a Google+ account, the new GMB makes it easier than ever to share any news about company updates and sales, as well as any marketing and content campaigns like games, photos, video glimpses behind the scenes of your business, company events and how-to blogposts.

To get going, all you have to do is log into GMB, enter your content and push “Share update”, right from the dashboard. I don’t know about you, but for me easy access to this kind of tool makes it much more likely that I’ll actually use it.

Google My Business Are Worth Your Time And Effort

Google my business is a free marketing tool that connects customers with businesses. Even if you have just one store location, Google my business is essential to ensuring local online visibility, and there are four main areas you should focus on. Google my business are essential tools to enhance your local visibility and Local SEO.

Google my business is an advancement from Google Places and here are some of the reasons why you need it, and fast. Google my business is easy to use and allows a degree of personalization that will make your business stand out from the competition. Google my business can deliver amazing results for business owners that have a local place of business, call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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