Google Business Listing Secrets – Picking the Right Keywords for Categories

A Google Business Listing Secrets

Google Business Listing Secrets - Picking the Right Keywords for CategoriesAll business owners should know that a Google Business listing secrets. A Google Business listing is a centralized point for all of your contact information on Google. If you own a local business, one of the most important things you can do for your SEO is to make sure that your Google Business listing is well-optimized.

Creating, claiming, and maintaining a Google business listing is important. The first thing you will want to do when you get access to your Google Business listing makes sure that your information is accurate. A Google Business Listing secrets are both a Google map pin and a page of information about your business on Google.If you own a business, managing your Google business listing is an important component of your online presence, and since it’s free, I suggest you take advantage of it.

The Benefits of Google Trends

Knowing where you stand in the battle of the search engines, whether you are doing well or faring poorly will give an advantage. With the right information to hand, you can strategize better and realign marketing tactics. Google Trends is one weapon that allows the public to find information on search rankings and trending topics. So you can hook people by engaging their interest. But, it’s worth knowing a little bit about how the program works. So here are some top tips about Google Trends.

Choose the best keywords

Keywords and phrases are arguably the most important elements of search. When typed into search engines, these keywords trigger ads and listings to display. The first page (or the first 5 sites) are those that usually get the most clicks, according to studies. And so this is where search engine optimization expertise can ensure whether your site, and ultimately your business, thrives or fails.

Know the hottest trends

Content is the backbone of search engine optimization. With low quality articles, your website will be downright ignored if clicked on at all. This is why you need to add value to your content, so that people discover you, talk about you and subscribe to your website, perhaps becoming loyal followers. The question now is – how do you get people interested in the first place? What will draw them in? Well, two words: Google Trends. See more here.

Your Google Business listing secrets is a powerful tool in your tool belt and the best part is it costs you nothing to do but can drive customers to your business.

Target the right keywords — for Google AND your clients

As SEOs and digital marketers, we need to collectively be more responsible for client education. Many times, those fabled “agency jumpers” are hopping from agency to agency because no one has taken the time to sit down and explain how things really work. With a bit of education, their expectations would probably be more aligned with reality, and they’d stick around for the long term.

You’ve got to target the right keywords, both for Google and your client

Be more transparent about the phrases you’re going after. At the beginning of the relationship, explain the strategy you’re using for keyword research and why it’s important. Explain the difference between informational and transactional queries. Explain the difference that location-based queries make.

Help your client understand that your entire keyword strategy is based around bringing in qualified local traffic that will convert. All the PPC people out there know the importance of a negative keyword list. Take that concept and run with it. Explain to your client that there are certain phrases that you definitely don’t want to target, since those phrases won’t bring in qualified traffic. Check more here.

Quick ways to make sure that your Google Business listing is well optimized and prepared to get your company clients, conversions, and views.

13 Best-Practices for Picking Google Places Business Categories

The “business categories” you choose for your Google Places page matter—big-time.  Your choices can help get your business visible to all the local customers you’re trying to reach, or they can cause Google to pluck your business off the map (and not put you back until you fix your categories).

1.  Follow the Google Places Quality Guidelines.  They’re straightforward and concise regarding categories.  Sure, there’s plenty of room to mess up even if you follow them, but if you don’t follow them, Google will almost surely ding your visibility in Places.  (Make sure to pay extra-close attention to the rule about how your categories should describe what your business is, rather than describe the services you offer.)

2.  Pick as many relevant categories as you canpreferably 5, which is the maximum number you can choose.  Emphasis on “relevant.”  If you’re an appliance-repair service, don’t choose “Appliance Store” if you don’t sell appliances.

3.  Use Mike Blumenthal’s Google Places Category Tool to find the proper category names that describe your business and to make sure you’re not forgetting any categories that actually apply to you. Read full article here.

A Google Business Listing Secrets Can Help Your Business!

Your Google Business Listing is often the first impression potential customers will get of your business and by claiming it, you will be taking control of that impression. A Google Business listing is one of the best and most affordable ways to increase online and in-store foot traffic. The benefits of a Google business listing are extensive, beyond the power of being a little more visible on Google which is huge by itself.

The basic components of your Google business listing secrets are a name, address, and phone number. When your website and Google Business listing are set up properly, an excellent foundation is in place. Our aim is to make sure every Google business listing is optimized and will take advantage of every possible feature to help your listing shine brighter than the rest, contact us here: (951) 286-1195!

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