Why Businesses Must Focus on their Google Local Listings

A Google Local Listings Is So beneficial In Murrieta Businesses!

Why Businesses Must Focus on their Google Local ListingsManaging Google local listings is more important than ever given that first-page space is limited. Google local listings are one such advanced search facility that focuses on the above-mentioned aspect.  One of the most pivotal factors that can influence a business ranking in the Google local listings is the site’s domain authority.

Google local listings are the list that appears on search engine results whenever a location based keyword. Google local listings are also beneficial in improving search engine rankings of a business website on Google search pages. Google local listings are free and allow video upload which may be a dealbreaker when listed alongside a series of other businesses without video.

The Google local listings is a mini page or website for your local business it’s also a place where visitors can learn more about your business or company in the area where you do business.

Rules for Google+Local for Business Listings

Google Local Business Listings

Google local business listings can appear in 3 places in the search results for Google: in Google Maps, in the local pack and within the localized organic Google web results. Since Google owns the lion’s share of local search traffic AND organic search traffic, it’s very important that both your website and your local listing rank well in Google in order for searchers to discover your company.

Before your Google listing can rank at all in either Google Maps or in the Local Packs of search results, you have to get listed and that’s not always as easy as it may sound. Sometimes, it’s not possible to create a listing, sometimes you can’t get it verified and sometimes it never goes live because it doesn’t make it through Google’s review and approval process.

This can sometimes be due to a bug on Google’s end, but much more often, it’s because you’ve violated one or more of Google’s requirements for having a business listing. Google publishes quality guidelines for its local business listings. Think of these as rules, not guidelines, because failure to follow most of them will either keep you from being listed at all OR from ever ranking well in Google.  The exceptions are where it clearly states “if possible”. But if it is possible, just do it. Read more here.

Knowing how to research and find associated Google local listings is key and is one of the 1st things you should research for a potential new client.

10 Things You Need to Know About the New Google Maps Local Search Ads

So what exactly are these new Google maps ads? What’s changing? Here are answer to the top 10 questions you’re asking (or should be asking!) about the new Google Maps local search ads.

1. How are Local Search Ads on Google Maps changing?
The new Google Maps ads are designed to help businesses be more visible at moments when consumers are searching online (especially on a mobile device) for somewhere to eat or shop.In the coming weeks and months, Google will be revealing several new Maps ad formats and features that are designed to drive more foot traffic to your physical location. These include Promoted Pins (including brand logos), in-store promotions, customizable business pages, and local inventory search.

2. Where will the new ads be shown?
The new local search ads will appear within the Google Maps app, on the Google Maps mobile, desktop, and tablet sites, and on Google.com Expanded Maps results. In the Google Maps app, which has more than 1 billion downloads, a single ad with a purple ad label will be featured in the top spot above the organic results. For searches within Google Maps, Google will show a maximum of two ads with a purple ad label at the top of the search results. See more here.

Google local listings are also effective because it gives the public your contact info and if your funeral home has more than 5 reviews, it will show stars next to your name.

Why Businesses Must Focus on Google Local Listings

In this era of technology, in order to move ahead of your competitors, you must opt for different ways to market your business. A lot of businesses, especially e-commerce, focus on customers outside from where the business operates. But there are a few businesses that may only deal with local customers on a regular basis such as a restaurant or a utility store. These businesses need only tap the local customers and ensure that they come back again and again.

Benefits of Google Listing

Google listing is equally beneficial for customers and businesses alike. But it has greater advantage for businesses that are looking to expand their customer base. Here are a few benefits of Google Listing:
It offers an online business directory: Google Listing gives you all the information about a business right from its address and its phone number to its location on Google Maps, the time at which it is open and also includes reviews added by the customers. It is like a business directory but with much more features.
Improved search engine page ranking: There may be a lot of results related to your search on Google, but it shows only the most relevant and nearest ones to the area. Google does that by determining the location from where the search is being made and then gives the desired results. Read full article here.

Google Local Listings Are Essential For Every Local Business

Google local listings are displayed when people search for your products and services using Google Maps. Google local listings are a very effective way of marketing a business. Google local listings are the new way people are connecting with local businesses online.

Google local listings are an easy and effective way to give your business an advantage. As a local small business owner, you must make sure your Google local listings are accurate and informative, call us here: (951) 286-1195 for more ideas. Google local listings are one way you can ensure your business is on the line and on the front page of Google.

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