What Google Focuses on When It Comes to A Link Building

A Link Building Can Help Drive Other Marketing Strategies In Murrieta!

What Google Focuses on When It Comes to A Link BuildingIf you want more search engine traffic, a link building is a must. Manual link building is human-to-human marketing, promoting your page to another site owner with the goal of securing a link. Link building is simply the process of getting links to your websites (or what we call inbound links or backlinks) from other websites. Link Building is all the activities undertaken to gather the highest number of valuable and topically similar links to promoted websites.

A link building is actually counterintuitive because we do not control the creation of the coded link. Link building is merely getting more of those referrals into your website so Google will see you as an authoritative and reputable site. Link building can help you to build relationships that can serve to benefit you in other endeavors as well. Link building can be utilized to build online brand awareness, but it takes a certain mindset.Links and link building are not only a great way to generate traffic from outside the search engines, but links are also the most important factor in search engine optimization getting your site to the top.

Why Google Says Building Links Can Harm Your SEO Efforts

What Makes Link Building Bad?

Link building is not bad. Building bad links is bad. Mueller’s recommendation to avoid link building generally is appropriate because companies generally build bad links. To understand how Google looks at links and why some links are bad, we need to understand more about Google’s objectives. Google exists to give searchers what they want. When searchers find what they want on Google, they’re happy.

This keeps them coming back. And they invite their friends. This means more and more people click on those paid advertisements on search results pages, and that’s where $45B of Google’s 2014 revenues came from. Google is far from perfect when it comes to giving searchers what they want, which is why they have thousands of PhDs working to make the search engine better.

If Google were to slip enough when it comes to search results quality, the majority of its revenue would dry up, and it would put at risk all those fun projects that might change the world like self-driving cars and balloons broadcasting Wi-Fi around the world. See more here.

Link building can increase the number of high-quality links pointing to a website, in turn, increases the likelihood of the website ranking highly in search engine results.

What Google Doesn’t Want You to Hear About Link-Building for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is intimidating to the casual observer. Not only is it a field that demands knowledge of hundreds of individual variables that contribute to the ranking algorithm, it also bears a noteworthy risk: Practicing this strategy improperly could end up setting you back more than it benefits you.

Page and domain authority

Authority works on two different levels for websites — the domain level and the page level. Domain authority is a relative measure, on a scale of 0-to-100, of how likely an entire website is to rank well in search engines. Page authority measures the likelihood of any individual page of ranking in search engines. So, where do links come into play? Both domain authority and page authority are calculated based on the quantity and quality of inbound links to the domain as a whole, or an individual page.

The link factor

From a search-engine perspective, links work by “passing” authority from one site to another. For example, if you build a link pointing to your latest blog post, that link will transfer authority both to that page and to your overall domain. The higher the authority of the site on which the link resides, the more authority will get passed to your site; therefore, building links on more trustworthy sites is much more valuable (but also much harder). Check more here.

Link building will play employment in amplifying your exposure, that successively brings your audience to you and builds your whole.

Link Building Best Practices for 2017

Post Google Penguin Update – Link Building Strategies

Ever since Google implemented Panda & Penguin algorithm update, several thousand websites have lost rankings on Google significantly. `There is a lot of confusion and speculation amongst SEO experts and webmasters on what kind of Link Building strategies in 2017 would be effective or safe and what one should follow.

Before we get down to the recommendations, here is a brief to clear the air about what Google Panda and Google Penguin algorithm updates were all about –

Google Panda Update:
Started from Feb 2011 to Jun 2017 (roughly over 20 updates), the Panda update acts more like a filter. It does not run live but calibrates the indexed websites in batch processing and the result is then relayed and synchronized with various Google Data Centers. Any corrective changes made to your website reflect in ranking only after your site is re-indexed by Google and after they re-run their next calibration computing.

Google Penguin Update:
Implemented between Apr 2012 and May 2017 (over a few versions), the Penguin update was focused on checking impact of low quality back-links, participating in link schemes, creating paid links, aggressive link exchanges, creating irrelevant outgoing or incoming links, webspam & blogspam back-links (from irrelevant, blog networks or bad sites), over-optimized exact match / keyword-rich / unnatural anchor text in incoming links, low quality article marketing (with embedded back-links), keyword stuffing in content, cloaking, sneaky redirects, doorway pages, creating doorway domains, keyword-rich internal navigation footer links across the site, creating purposeful duplicate content. Read full article here.

A Link Building Is An Important Part Of SEO

Honestly, a link building is still very important as far as SEO is concerned in 2017 and beyond. Remember, link building is imperative in achieving high organic search rankings. Link building is the process of securing a link on an independent website back to your own site (or a client’s).

To implement effective link building, it’s important to understand why link building is important and how it works. Link building is important because it is a major factor in how Google ranks Web pages. A Link building is also a proven marketing tactic for increasing brand awareness, call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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