A Google Under Fire for Using “Super Profiles” to Serve Targeted Ads

Targeted Ads In Murrieta!

A Google Under Fire for Using “Super Profiles” to Serve Targeted Ads

The good thing about targeted ads is that you’ll see ads for products you actually want. Search Engine Ads One way that search engines use targeted ads is by showing you ads based on your browsing history. Put simply, targeted ads are adverts show the right customers the products or services they’re actually interested in.

And the faster they figure it out, the faster the value of targeted ads is going away. The other big advantage to tightly targeted ads is that you can create different ads for different demographic groups. Targeted ads can be directed to Edge or Consumer devices according to frame-accurate splices that take place at the Headend.

Targeted ads are clearly beneficial to both Google and advertisers the possibility for even more widespread data collection and web tracking is an obvious cause for concern.

Google Faces New Pressure Over So-Called ‘Super Profiles’

Regulators in Europe and the U.S. are taking a closer look at a recent policy change by Google that allows the search giant, in some cases, to blend data from different services and offer more targeted advertising. According to the Wall Street Journal, the investigation has been prodded in part by one of Google’s rivals, Oracle (ORCL, +0.12%), which presented slide shows to regulators with the title “Super Profiles Now a Reality.”

The controversy turns on Google’s announcement last year that it would begin combining data in new ways. For instance, a user’s browser activity on Chrome might be combined with her general search history and Gmail data, and all that might in turn be coupled with location data from Google Maps and other apps.

Google announced the new policy last June, and it went into effect in October. But—crucially—it is opt-in for existing users. The default for new users, however, is for Google to put them into the blended regime. If you’re a Google user who wants to check if the blended data feature is on, go to your account settings (through Gmail or another of the company’s services), and then go to “Manage My Activity” and then “Activity Controls.” Read more here.

Targeted ads can reach consumers at the beginning of their purchasing journey so that, from the onset, customers only see the ads that might interest them.

Your Google My Business Profile Image – The Most Important Image?

There probably isn’t an image of your business that gets seen more by potential customers and searchers than your Google My Business profile image. There isn’t a single image that has more impact on searcher’s behaviors. And there isn’t an image in the online world that is harder to “get right.”

The profile image is something that Google shows virtually everywhere, from the Local Pack results to the much, much less visible profile circle on your Plus page. Along the way, it is seen at

  • the highly visible branded Knowledge Panel for your business
  • competitor’s “People also search for” area
  • the old and new Google Maps
  • Google Now
  • various apps and mobile browsers on both Android & iPhone
  • who knows where else

The profile image is the image that creates the critical first impression that a searcher has about your business. There is data from Google that indicates that having photos on your listing increases direction requests by 42% and clicks to your website by 35%. I am sure that your profile image plays a huge role in those numbers. See more here.

But it is also good for the ad publishers because well-targeted ads are more likely to result in clicks and subsequent revenue for publishers.

Google Under Fire for Using “Super Profiles” to Serve Targeted Ads

Google is no stranger to scrutiny from the European Union (EU), this time the search giant is under fire for its decision to use “super profiles” to serve targeted advertising. The European Commission believes there are competition concerns involved with combining personal data from multiple sources to deliver more personalized ads.

Previously, Google stated it would not combine data from its DoubleClick ad network with data from Google user profiles — such as search history, YouTube viewing history, and so on. Google announced a change to that policy in June, which went into effect in October.

Oracle, which coined the phrase “Super Profiles”, tells the Wall Street Journal no other ad platform is able to efficiently compete when Google has access to so much data. A crucial point being left out is that existing users have to opt-in to the new policy. However, new users are being opted in to the policy by default.

Google doesn’t mince words when responding with its thoughts on Oracle’s complaints. Google users can check if they’re opted-in to the new advertising policy by visiting the My Activity page, then navigating to Activity Controls. Read full article here.

Targeted Ads Do Improve Things For People

We can imagine that sometime in the very near future, all of that data will be made available; and with it, a whole new set of targeted ads will arise. Targeted ads can deliver specific and relevant messages to your audience. Fresh, interactive and targeted ads have been prevalent (and extremely successful) online for quite some time.

Trends like targeted ads will shape the future of mobile advertising and create a new landscape for digital advertising that small businesses can cash in on. Relevant, targeted ads can help increase the click-through rate (CTR) and the conversion rate of your ad campaign. Mobile advertising is the new wave, and targeted ads will be a powerful tool for business growth call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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