Common PPC Mistakes That Can Get You Burned

Want To Know Which PPC Mistakes Will Kill Your Business?

Common PPC Mistakes That Can Get You BurnedBasic PPC mistakes are often committed by beginners in a paid search campaign. The most common PPC mistakes are being asleep at the wheel. Avoiding costly PPC mistakes is a matter of tracking your results and fine-tuning your campaign.

One of the most popular PPC mistakes is including too many keywords in one ad group. The biggest PPC mistakes are to direct prospects to your home page. It’s important to note that quite a few of these PPC mistakes are the result of an automated advertising strategy.One of the most costly PPC mistakes can be sending your visitors to the wrong page – or even worse, a broken page.

PPC Mistakes that can Damage Your Campaign

You’ve probably heard of Pay-Per-Click or PPC, but do you know what it can do for your campaign, and how to harness it properly? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

PPC Basics

PPC is an internet advertising model harnessed by businesses to drive traffic to their website. This is conducted by utilizing a PPC platform, such as Google AdWords, and bidding on keywords relevant to your target market. Each keyword corresponds to an ad that drives a potential visitor to your site. You will pay a fee every time your ads are clicked, essentially paying for each visit rather than attempting to earn them organically.

You may think that PPC seems to be expensive, but the amount you pay for each click is actually trivial if your campaign is working properly. How so? Let’s assume that a click for a highly competitive keyword is $5. When you received a click however, the visitor purchased $100 items from your website, giving you a hefty $95 sale for a single click. Read more here.

Making common beginner PPC mistakes can lead to your budget being depleted quickly with little to no results to show for it.

7 PPC mistakes that’ll burn through your marketing budget

As a startup, your marketing budget is probably a bit tighter than you’d like it to be. It probably feels like you can’t let a single penny go to waste — and for good reason! The way you allocate your startup’s marketing dollars could very easily determine whether or not you’re one of the 50 percent of startups that fail during its first four years.

1. Poor copy

Writing copy for your PPC ads can be especially challenging — you have an extremely limited space for both your headline and description, which means you can only include the most essential information, and do so in a way that will entice people to click.

2. Neglecting ad extensions

Ad extensions are another basic element of PPC advertising that frequently go ignored. Google wants to make it easy for interested customers to get in contact with your startup — that’s why AdWords offers a wide range of extensions designed, in their words, to give “people more reasons to choose your business.” See more here.

You are going to make some mistakes in your pay-per-click marketing endeavors, but some PPC mistakes will hurt your campaign more than others.

Avoiding Common PPC Mistakes

The digital marketing world is vast. It encompasses many aspects: search engine optimization, social media optimization, web design, up to paid advertisements. All these practices have one goal: to increase online visibility and establish brand authority.

How to Avoid PPC Mistakes

* Redirecting online users to your home/ contact page. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to redirect your visitors to other pages – such as the home or contact page of your site. Keep in mind that the advertisement was specifically set up to run whenever the keyword is searched. Make sure that the search results containing your advertisement are related to the user’s inquiries.

The key is to put ads correctly. Attach advertisements to relevant pages. For instance, if online users are looking for products and services, avoid frustration and bring your customers directly to your products and services page where they can quickly look through and purchase what they need.

* Failure to split-test advertisement. Avoid running PPC ads without doing initial tests. Ensure that you split-test your ads. Create a multiple version of the ad’s text for each PPC ad groups to determine which exact words generate more clicks and lead to higher on-site conversions. Check full article here.

PPC Mistakes Have The Biggest Consequences

Even the smallest PPC mistakes can result in wasted spend, poorly targeted traffic, and a negative ROI. PPC mistakes are the ones that are the biggest limits on campaigns that might otherwise be more cost-effective and more successful in winning customers. A costly PPC mistakes can be avoided.

PPC mistakes will be learned, considerable money and business opportunities will be lost. Common PPC mistakes can be prevented with just some small changes. One of the biggest lessons I learned from past PPC mistakes is that you don’t need to test on big budgets, call us here: (951) 286-1195.

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