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HTTP vs HTTPS Site Security Protocol

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The Clock’s Ticking for Your Competitors

Google Forces HTTPS Protocol through Google Chrome

Why is Google forcing Website Developers to secure their ALL of their websites?
↓ Google Tells Why ↓

As has long been promised, on July 28, 2018 Google Chrome Browser pushed out their version 68 that notifies viewers when the website they have gone to is NOT SECURE.

Notice the “Not Secure” notice at the beginning of the web browser’s Address Field:
Chrome Notice Website NOT SECURE

Click on the “Not secure” information icon and, for now, you see this:

Chrome says Site Connection Not Secure
Rumor has it (As stated on the Official Google Chrome Blog) that Not Secure sites have 90 days to install SSL (Secure Socket Layer – Certificate Software) that can be verified HTTPS Protocol capable. If the site is not HTTPS Protocol Compliant, their site visitors will see this:

Here is a Short List of a Few of Your Competitors Not Secured
(Click on the URL in the image to see. Opens in a New Window/Tab.)

Friendly Guy Insurance

Gilligans BBQ Islands

Lake Auto Body

Discount Electricians

San Diego Chiropractic

RW Mobile Detailing

Supervised Child Visits Murrieta

They will already lose some traffic due to the “Not Secure” notice, but when the Not Secure notice turns red, they will lose most if not all their traffic and their bounce rates will go through the roof, they they will lose their ranking positions in the search engines.

The list goes on, but aren’t you glad you had me secure your site?

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