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Do You Get Lost Doing Online Research?

If we’re not careful to stay focused when doing research online, we all have the potential to be just like Alice in Wonderland by falling into extremely TIME-CONSUMING, (Or Time Wasting) adventures that contain interesting and amazing experiences and information but are not part of our current research topic. The question is; do we really need all or any of that information? These “Adventures” also have the potential to become pitfalls that can consume productivity time without us noticing how much time is passing.

Does this Sound Familiar?

“Oh my god! I did one search query on Google, clicked on one link which led to another, then another and more and more … and …. and NOW 2 HOURS ARE GONE! The bad part is I only retrieved minimal, usable or actionable information on the query that started my search”.

If You can Relate . . .

You are the rare individual indeed if you haven’t found yourself at one time or another saying the exact same thing to yourself. When you really have an “Internet Research Rabbit Hole” problem is if you find your getting lost down those rabbit holes often enough that doing so is eating into your productive time to complete action steps necessary to attain your goals.

I was GUILTY of Getting Lost Down an Internet Rabbit Hole Daily Until . . .

Now I’ll grant you I dealt with this “Online Rabbit Hole Syndrome” from the beginning of my love affair with the Internet back in “95?. But the problem didn’t really become anti-productive until broadband/hi-speed connections became available in my area back in 2000. Then I realized I really had a problem. So now what did I do? I got a safety net that kept me from falling too far down a “Rabbit Hole” online.

Using a Safety Net to Catch Yourself before You Fall Too Far

The best way I knew of to find a way to enforce restrictions on my Internet research time was to what? What else – research a way to do it online. (Talk about a conundrum.) What I found was a little freeware program called “BreakTime” back in “96?. It resided in my system tray and I could turn it on anytime I wanted to with one click.

“BreakTime” had one function. To pop up a reminder screen at the end of a time interval I determined. Or I could configure recurring time intervals into the little program and it would play a sound or a music file of my choice at those intervals. For the reminder message, I could type in anything I wanted it to say. I could set the font size and color etc. I could make the message and sound file as rude, crude or irritating as I wanted.

Free Break Time Reminder Software to Help Staying Focused When Doing Online Research

“BreakTime” had a snooze feature, but I could configure it so every time I clicked snooze, the duration of time before it reminded me again became shorter and shorter until the snooze would not work and I would have to exit the program. To be true to myself in using this great little program,I only used the snooze function when I REALLY needed more time because I had actually found something actionable or important I needed more time to read or save to file for later reference.

In using this little program I became trained/conditioned/disciplined to only allow myself a maximum of 20 minutes to research any particular topic or subject. Of course, I had to stay focused on only finding what I needed and not trailing down some magic hatter garden path that led to interesting but off topic information. If I couldn’t find what I was looking for in 20 minutes with my search skills, it probably wasn’t available. Though I might set a task reminder to come at the research topic from another perspective or angle later. When my 20-minute reminder popped up, I move to my next task.

Over a Decade Later . . .

The little program is no longer available for any operating system beyond “Windows 95?. Recently (Actually while building the new site for EOC), I found an amazing little program that will do the same thing and even more.

Anti-Internet Rabbit Hole FREE “STAY FOCUSED” Software

If you find yourself suffering from the “Online Rabbit Hole syndrome”, you should give TimeLeft-Reminder a try. It is the offspring to BreakTime and is all grown up with far more time management features and the LITE Version is still FREE. Of course, it has a “Pro” version, but for my purposes, the FREE Version suits me just fine.

I hope this helps with whatever degree you may be suffering from “Internet Rabbit Hole-itus”.

I’m back at it and DeadIntoit

Mike C.

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